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Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is a certification that validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions. ABCS Home Page
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About Us

ABCS provides quality Computer Support Services. In addition to the normal Callout type service, we enable smaller companies to benefit from a "dedicated" Systems Administration expert without the associated costs by contracting to visit customers on specific days of the month to perform essential administration tasks.

Company Owner

Alan Beber BSc MCP

Your friendly local specialist with over 25 years Systems Support experience. I can solve any problems with your PC, Laptop, Server, Network, Peripherals, Operating System, or Software.

Services Provided

Located in Northamptonshire ideally placed to service the South Midlands and Home Counties.

System Administration & IT Support Contracts are available - use your hours any way you like, either regular visit(s) each week or month according to system complexity and your particular requirements, or calling on us just when there is a problem.

Otherwise we offer the above mentioned Callout service, or an amazing Remote Expert facility - to solve your problems anywhere in the world!

Installations, cabling, maintenance, troubleshooting and routine tasks performed at short notice.

We will also create your own Domain & Email accounts, construct your Website, and maintain & administer them all.


Why you need ABCS

Perhaps you already have a network of PCs, servers and printers etc. in place, together with all the software necessary to run your business.

Or you may be about to install or upgrade a system to meet your current business needs.

In either case you will need someone to support and administer the whole system on a regular basis, set up various housekeeping tasks, or just be there if and when something goes wrong.

A member of staff dedicated to this role could cost more than £30,000 a year in salary alone.

But why employ someone full-time when ABCS can take on these responsibilities for you.

 Let me tell you a true story -

I once had to visit a new customer whose server had gone down because of a faulty hard disk. I replaced the disk and reinstalled the operating system with no problem, but when I asked for his data backup tapes, he looked at me very sheepishly and admitted that he had not done a backup of the system or company data for over 3 years. Oh dear!

What happened next? The customer not only faced re-inputting 3 years worth of data, but worse than that, his application software had been specially written years before and now was unobtainable. In other words his entire computer system was worthless and his business very fragile.

And the reason for this parlous state? He didn't have the staff or the time to do this most basic but essential system administration.

The lesson here is obvious - don't ever let yourself become exposed like this customer to data loss or system failure.

Whether you're a Home User with just 1 PC, or a Business Owner struggling to manage a complex system within a multi-user network -

Whatever your IT Support needs, DON'T WORRY - just call ABCS

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