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Callout Service

Visits to site can be provided at short notice as necessary:


Based on an hourly rate of £30.

There is a minimum charge of £60, to cover up to 2 hours onsite. Additional time is charged at our discretion, depending on the length of time spent and the nature of the work done. We do not normally charge for up to 15 minutes of extra time spent.

The callout charge includes free Remote Expert support for a whole year! (Restrictions apply*)

This means your future minor problems can be solved for the next 12 months.

ABCS - year-round computer problem cover!


Please note that if an estimate is given and a visit arranged based on a simple fault description (eg. Email not working), and then on arrival it is apparent that the problem is due to much deeper causes (eg. corrupt Windows installation requiring major investigation and repair or reinstallation), then final charges will reflect any extra time and work involved.

BACKUP - A full backup of all user files (eg. documents, emails & settings, internet favourites, desktop etc.) should always be made before we arrive on site, as this will reduce chargeable time considerably, and will insure against any loss of data during system repair or reconfiguration. ABCS cannot accept any responsibility for loss of customer data unless a recent backup is made available.

BROADBAND - Customers should always contact their ISP to resolve Broadband problems before contacting ABCS. If the fault is due to a problem with the ISP's service (eg. disruption to telephone cables or equipment, servers, or Internet infrastructure) and therefore we are unable to effect a solution, the standard charges as set out above will still apply. Similarly for all other circumstances outside our control, but which have nevertheless necessitated a site visit.

*Remote/telephone support only - on an occasional basis for quick fixes (5-10 mins) only.
Longer sessions will be chargeable @ £30 ph.

Normal hours -

Any period between 8.00am & 6.00pm

By Arrangement -

Any period before 8.00am or after 6.00pm weekdays,
or any time Saturdays and Bank Holidays.*

* Additional costs may apply.

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