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Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is a certification that validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions. ABCS Home Page
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Remote Support


One of the easiest remote support programs.


Another easy to use program.

Zoho Assist

Simply visit this website and enter the Session ID I give you.

Iperius Remote Desktop

A simple to use program.

Remote Utilities

Another easy remote support program.


A free remote control program that’s very easy to use especially for unattended access - even when PC has been rebooted.


Another easy remote support program.


One of the best remote support programs.


Drive Snapshot

Drive Snapshot

Low-cost imaging software which can backup your entire  drive while you are still working and restore your whole system in minutes. Saves many tears.

Macrium Reflect

Free version of comprehensive backup suite. Makes images of disk/partition, together with boot CD to restore from disasters.


This brilliant program creates hidden snapshots, which can be used to recover either single files or the whole system. Home version is now free.


Works like RollbackRx, but saves its snapshots visibly on disk rather than hidden at low level.



Simple to use free File/Folder Backup. Enhanced versions are available at low cost.




Ubiquitous free PDF Reader.

Get PDF Viewer

PDF-X Viewer

Another free PDF Reader - faster than Acrobat.

Foxit PDF Reader

And another free PDF reader, with annotation tools, and browser plugin.

PDFill Tools

Free PDF utilities to merge, rearrange & many other functions.

do pdf free


Convert any document to PDF with this free printer driver.




If you're still using Internet Explorer, give this a try. Much faster and extensible with hundreds of add-ons.


Alternative fast browser.


Allows you to map a remote shared drive eg. on work server, to a drive letter which can be accessed as if it were a local drive.


Avast Antivirus Free

Free AntiVirus software, rather less resource hungry than AVG.

AVG Free

AVG Free

Free AntiVirus software.


Second level Anti Virus Scanner. This free tool picks up viruses, trojans & other types of malware that other software sometimes misses.


Hitman Pro

Free second opinion Anti Virus software. If this doesn’t find a hidden virus or trojan, nothing will.

Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm

The original Firewall software.


Free Commander

Free Commander

Superb free File Manager - infinitely better than Windows Explorer.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller

Free Uninstaller that gets rid of left-over files and registry entries.

Magic Renamer

Magic Renamer

Free Renamer - process hundreds of files in one stroke, with many options.



Recover deleted and lost files free.


Office Tabs

Adds document tabs so you can open more than one document in the same window.


Here are some really useful downloads.

Most are completely free to use, although there may be some limitations, and enhanced versions may be available to buy. Others are low cost but extremely valuable to ensure system security or functionality.

Please note - I do not provide any warranty, implied or explicit, for these programs; they are installed and used at your own risk.

Please report any broken links here.

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