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Online Backup

Author: Alan Beber

Many companies have a need for secure encrypted backups, that comply with certain requirements of authorising bodies such as the FCA. They are concerned about the loss of sensitive customer financial data, either through theft, disaster or simple negligence. In addition, data is NOT allowed out of the UK in some cases. Your Dropbox, Microsoft, Google, Amazon or other cloud storage will NOT be approved. There has also been a breakdown in “Safe Harbour” arrangements between the EU and USA. You may well be in breach of data retention regulations without realising it.

For example, an IFA backs up their confidential data to a tape or external disk, but it is not encrypted and is taken offsite. The person in charge does not ensure its security and the media is lost. The FCA may well impose a fine in such circumstances.

Their requirements are not draconian, but simply for common sense precautions to be taken. This is where secure UK based Online Backups have major advantages over traditional tape or disk backups, which must be stored and transported securely.

The best solution is a combination of both forms of backup, and ABCS can advise and implement a comprehensive regime. We have partnered with the RISC Group to offer a low-cost online backup solution to either complement or replace your current backup methods.

The article below details all the advantages of the online approach. If you don’t see the articles in the box below, please click these links instead:    

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